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Rabbits for sale can be found in pet stores, from local breeders and rabbit clubs, local 4-H Clubs, and sometimes at County and State fairs. There are even some house rabbit societies that take in abandoned rabbits until they find good homes for them. Many professionals do not recommend purchasing house rabbits from pet stores due to the possibility of pre-existing health conditions. However, pet stores probably are the most readily available source for pet rabbits. Just be sure to check about health conditions and socialization. For local rabbit clubs and breeders in your area, contact the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

One of the best places to find a house rabbit is at your local animal shelter. Too many bunnies are abandoned each year because they are an “impulse buy” and owners decide they are just too much work. Many local shelters are continually overrun with pet rabbits, so this is possibly the best place to find a bunny. There are many perfectly good pet rabbits in shelters looking for homes and you will save an animal from euthanasia. Animal rescues also often have rabbits of varying breeds, sizes and ages. Another advantage of adopting a rabbit at a shelter is that volunteers spend time with the animals, which helps acclimate the rabbits to being around humans and spending time in houses and apartments.


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